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Developed in consultation with thought leaders and visionaries who want to bring quality care affordable and accessible to everyone through a combination of most qualified healthcare providers and innovative technology solutions. With SeekMed app, we aim to provide a user-friendly tele-medicine platform making it easier for patients from anywhere in the world to find and connect with India's super specialist top doctors of national & international repute.

Connect with our doctors for first visit, second opinion or follow-up if you've questions on an existing medical condition, a possible surgery or a treatment.

Few simple steps - Install the app, register as a patient, search for your trusted doctor & send request for appointment

Dr. T S Kler

Top Cardiologist and the recipient of Padma Bhushan award (3rd highest civilian honor in India)

SeekMed - Medical Advisor


find. connect. share.

SeekMed is just what you’ve been looking for — a new, imaginative app that gives patients a choice to get expert medical advice from our top doctors.


Our easy-to-use platform has a wide range of features that will help you find and connect with your trusted doctors and have complete peace of mind. With real-time options and unlimited access, this is one app you’ll definitely want to download.


wherever, whenever.

Whether you're living in India or abroad, easily connect with country's top doctors in all specialty areas. You can use SeekMed if you've questions on an existing or new condition, a possible surgery or about your current treatment. SeekMed is a complete tele-medicine platform and we pride ourselves in having the best quality doctors in our team.

making life easier.

With SeekMed, you can easily send appointment request to your trusted doctor, make online payment, share scans/reports and have video consultation from the comfort of your home. No need to travel long distances for just few minutes of consultation. Use our app to save money and time. No subscription required or additional cost.

enhanced patient experience & time saving.

Avoid the hassle of driving to the doctor's office only to find out a long queue in waiting. Request an appointment and receive confirmation on app from the doctor. Get your money back in case of cancellation of appointment. Greater flexibility for both patients and doctors.

sos signals could be a life saver.

Send SOS signal to your emergency contact when in need along with your location coordinates.

additional features.

data security

We are responsible for the security of your data (US HIPAA compliance)

easy navigation

Intuitive design keeping users in mind

rate the doctor

Provide star rating to rate your doctor

reports & prescriptions

Submit and keep track of all your reports & prescriptions in one place

maintain profiles

Detailed profiles for doctors & patients


Adjust language setting in your phone for Hindi & Bengali

location messages

Doctor or patient can share location info with a single click

maintain favorites

Mark your healthcare provider as favorite for quicker identification

press center

frequently asked questions.

Is SeekMed app available for all platforms?

App is available for Android platform only. Web app is launching in Sep'20 that'll allow patients to consult with our doctors from any device (e.g. all smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops).

What is the registration process for doctors?

There are two ways for a doctor to register with us — by clicking a button "apply" at the bottom of the site and filling out a doctor registration form or directly in the mobile app. Either ways, our panel of doctors will review each submission before the account is activated for use. This may take a week's time.

I’ve seen other apps that serve similar purposes. What makes yours any different?

We pride ourselves in providing professional and ethical medical advice. Our platform provides access to India's highly rated tertiary care providers and top doctors via video consultations. Our team of doctors share several Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri, Dr. BC Roy, Chikitsa Ratan and various other awards among them. They come from AIIMS, Medanta, PSRI, Fortis, Max, BLK, Sir Ganga Ram, Sir HN Reliance & other prestigious hospitals of India. 

How do I get an appointment for video consultation?

After installing SeekMed app from Google Play Store, patient can submit request for appointment by going to doctor's profile. Once doctor creates an appointment, patient can upload scans/reports via chat window and make online payment. Doctor initiates the video call at the time of appointment.


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