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Dr. Sunil R Moreker

International Hero of Ophthalmology Award

Dr. Sunil R Moreker

Visiting Consultant, Fortis, Mumbai - MBBS, MS (Ophthal) Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Dr. Sunil Morekar has been helping people with critical eye conditions for almost two decades. He has worked with Harvard Children Hospital in Boston. With nineteen years of experience under his belt, Dr. Morekar's repertoire includes having two surgeries named after him. He has previously worked as an Ex-President of Navi Mumbai Raigad Ophthalmology Association and ex-Executive Director of MGM Eye Bank.

  • All India Ophthalmology Society conferred on him the International Hero of Ophthalmology award in 2019.

  • Received best video award at All India Ophthalmology society (AIOS)

  • Conferred All India Ophthalmology Society (AIOS) best paper in Ocular trauma in 2020

  • AIOS Best Poster in Cornea 2020

  • AIOS Best paper in Oculoplasty award in 2006

  • AIOS best poster in Neuro ophthalmology along with Dr Harshvardhan Ghorpade in 2018

  • Represented India in Virtual World Congress of Ophthalmology in 2020 and five World Congresses of ophthalmology at Sydney (Australia), Guadalajara (Brazil), Mexico, Hong Kong and Tokyo which are like Olympics of eye surgeons.

  • Organising committee member of the World Congress of Ophthalmology at Mexico in 2016

  • Invited faculty for the World Congress in Barcelona Spain in 2018.

  • Asia Pacific academy of ophthalmology conferred the Achievement award on him in Hong Kong in 2018.

  • Performed over twenty thousand surgeries of which over twelve thousand are totally free of cost and has given consultation to over five hundred thousand patients totally free of cost.

  • Cataracts Surgeries

  • Corneal Transplants

  • Glaucoma Surgeries

  • Squint Surgeries

  • Pediatric Eye Surgeries

  • Neuro Ophthalmology Surgery

  • Ocular Plastic Surgeries

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