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Patients are seeking medical help using this app

"SeekMed is a global tele-medicine platform that connects patients from anywhere in the world with India's top, award-winning doctors via video consultation...

SeekMed offers quality services with disruptive mobile app

"The mobile application, home to a host of doctors who are recipients of Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri, the third and fourth highest.. 

SeekMed - Connect with India's Top Doctors Virtually

"SeekMed's medical advisor, Padma Bhushan Dr. T S Kler (Chairman, PSRI Heart Institute) says, "We need a platform that patients can trust to seek expert...

SeekMed offers quality healthcare services with mobile app

"A telemedicine mobile Application SeekMed has introduced into the Nigerian market a mobile application that offers Nigerians...

SeekMed App to directly connect patients to eminent doctors on mobile

"A unique telemedicine mobile application, called 'SeekMed' has been launched recently to connect the patients from anywhere... 

SeekMed - Telemedicine Startup Bringing Affordable Service to Africa

"SeekMed is making giant strides in bringing the best in medicine and the best of technology together to serve the patient...

SeekMed redefines Nigeria's healthcare with a medical app

"SeekMed has launched a telemedicine mobile application to improve access and availability of healthcare services in Nigeria...

SeekMed - A Mobile Application

"SeekMed, a mobile application developed to bridge the gap between highly rated Indian doctors and patients, in a bid to provide a second opinion to...

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